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Thread: Hornaday scales and measure.

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    Hornaday scales and measure.

    Hello all,

    I am after some feedback on the hornaday automatic powder-measure/scales, the hornady equivalent of the RCBS charge master. Opticswarehouse have them for sale at the mo for 240 here:


    I am very tempted, they are as you can see substantially cheaper than the charge master. Is it worth spending the extra on the RCBS? Any feedback on this would be very much welcomed!

    Thanks for your help
    Best regards


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    I have one and love it, ive had it since march and no problems to date,
    it copes with all powder types.

    regards robbo

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    Hello Robbo,
    How do you find the Hornady for speed?
    Thanks, Simon

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    Hi Simon,

    I was just having a look on you tube and the Hornady auto dispenser has three speed settings built into the unit, the charge master and the lyman unit both only run one the pre-set speed.


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    Hi Simon

    It depends on the powder type, as to how fast i run mine. I can load 100 7 mag rounds 69.5 grains of powder in under 45 mins including bullet seating ect.
    hope this helps

    Regards Robbo

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    Just ordered one for collection when we go over to the US in Nov/Dec, worked out at 101 plus 12 shipping

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    Cheers Robbo, seems plenty quick enough.

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