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Thread: The stolen and recoverd high seat

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    The stolen and recoverd high seat

    I am pleased to say that the person and social worker who was involved in the theft of our seat have now been charged with theft and handling stolen goods so I hope that the fiscal and the court do their part.The thief comes from High Valleyfield in the West of Fife but I know he rake,s all over the place he drives a white Toyota pick up with a open white fiberglass canopy reg is M466 WJN so if you see this car in your area beware you have been warned,also he does not work as we know it so is out and about at all hours.

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    gald that things are being taken further and hope they and others learn from it

    well impressed that you have given details about the vehicles involved and the area they operate in.

    even though i am nowhere near you it is a good way of dealing with these people, forewarned is forearmed

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    lets hope that the courts give the result
    that we all want to hear

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    Fair play to you Rh for taking it to the law, let`s hope the law does its bit and doesn`t let you down.
    I`m still smarting from recent events in our town. Someone beats some up then wanders the estate armed with a baseball bat and guess what. Chopper in the sky, lighting up the estate and not one copper on the ground. (Must have been tea break)
    A week later, an 82 year old was caught shoplifting in Morrisons and no surprise, 4 squad cars and 9 officers turn up. (Well, she was armed with a handbag)
    Good luck with your quest for justice.

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