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Thread: First Fallow in Sweden

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    First Fallow in Sweden

    Well my mate Andy and myself have just got back from our trip to Atviderberg in Sweden which was a Great experience.We arrived at the Hunting grounds late on Wednesday eve having been picked up by Christian and his Father Finn from Copenhagen Airport so just had time for a beer or two before bed,on the approach to the grounds we had seen a lot of Fallow in the fields caught in the Headlights of the car so we were giddy for the next few days Hunting.We met up with the other lads on the trip the following morning all of which were Danish but luckily for me spoke good English(Andy can speak Danish).We checked the zero on our guns Thurs Morn and then got a Tour of the land and shown the High Seats , Towers and Boundaries.

    Well thurs eve produced a Fallow Pricket for one of the Danish Lads and i just saw a Glimpse of a Fallow merging into Woods.Friday produced a Boar for another of the Danish Lads whilst Andy and i had been trying to get onto 3 Fallow Bucks we had seen at top of a Hill which unfortunately winded us.

    Sat morning i was dropped of at this tower just before Daylight

    I then Sat there untill around 8 and thought i would get down from Tower and go for a walk,before getting down i had a quick scan around again and Bugger me a Fallow Pricket was right on the Track about 50 Yards away.I had no time to waste and promptly Dispatched him with a 165 Grain Nosler through a 6,5x55 Rifle .

    I was then subjected to a Traditional bit of Abuse by Christian see picture below

    This was my first ever Fallow ,we then took him to the Larder and then to the chiller where he was weighed at 91Llbs (Larder weight)
    Christian had also managed to get a Nice Roe buck the same morning which may be borderline a Bronze Medal

    Well Sat eve produced another Fallow for another of the Danish Lads and i managed to see a Pine Martin and a young Wolf which was unusual for the area but not unheard of,i had also seen 2 Moose on the Friday morning just as it was getting light which were Massive!!

    Well we were up at 3 AM Sunday morning for trip back to Airport and then had Half a Day to look around Copenhagen

    I would like to thank Christian for looking after Andy and i and giving us a Great trip

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    exellent looks like a cracking trip there congrats on your first fallow,atb wayne
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    Copenhagen is a wonderful city . True character , I took the girlfriend there this spring . Nice hunting pics too

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    Yep that pretty much sums it up, I have never seen as many fallow in my life but mainly as Steve says in the torch light. The 3 we saw on Thursday were simply huge, the biggest one was without doubt the biggest that I'd ever seen, I just wish that I'd managed to get closer to him than 500 yards.
    I had several fallow doe in front of me but all with fawns and to be frank I know that the winters there are a bit savage and so I think that they'd be better off with their mum. Likewise the roe doe's came out too but again no bucks!
    A great time had by all, fantastic company and how nice we're those Danish pastries in Copenhagen? And Steve, are you up for another Medister Polser med Remoulade?

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    Sounds like you guys had a great time, some cracking photo's and well done on your first fallow.

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    Nice one lads looks like you had a cracking trip! Wish I'd made it but work had to come first, nevermind hey!
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    There are still places left on the dec trip, see the big game section.
    The snow will be down then and pigs will be very active.....
    Or pm me for more details.
    Thanks steve and andy....

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    Well done, great write up and photos......

    Busy as hell this year but fancy a trip, will have a look and let you know John.
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    Anyone who makes the trip will enjoy themselves and will get into the action,Christian works really hard to get you into the right spot the Rest is down to yourself!

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