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Thread: apel pivot mounts and rings

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    apel pivot mounts and rings

    apel mounts

    reducedBARGAIN apel swing off mounts off my sako a11 308 rifle. with brock and norris having a boob job ,i need to pay for it 1 inch tube. i think 120is about right . p&p included or you can collect for free ,

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    I'd say that was a damn good price. I just got some off ebay for 138 inc post - so fill your boots whilst they're still there guys !

    Just sad I don't have a sako

    Two things though Toad

    What tube size are they for

    Are they low medium or high rings

    Good luck with the sale - and nope, i don't know toad, before you ask


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    look like 1" mediums to me

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    yes they are 1 inch . i think they are medium i used them with a ziess 8x56

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