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Thread: Seal attacks gundog retrieving a duck

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    Poor sod, never heard of that happening before!

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    are navy seals meant to be operating in our waters??
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    Must admit I've never given it a thought before, I will now. What a horrific thing to happen, then having to put your own dog down. Thoughts go out to him

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    I've had a few close calls with seals over the years mainly with pups or there mothers protecting pups on land. I centainly wouldnt pick a fight with one (very big teeth).
    I can't imagine what a mess the poor dog was in and my heart goes out to the owner having to put it down.


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    Its a bit disconcerting when you are out deep wading in the half light after bass and they suddenly appear and swim around you!

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    Even more so when you're freelining mackerel and hook one on 8olb braid!!!!!
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    They say nothing is new under the sun. Many years ago I read a book written in pre-victorian times about wild sport in Scotland. The author, who would be strung up for shooting the species now he did then, decided to try to secure a Grey Seal . He took a huge Mastiff dog down to the beach near Nairn and encouraged it to grip a seal so he could rush down and bring his musket to bear on it. To his surprize the seal "crushed the giant dog's head with one bite."


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    Are you allowed to cull seals today I mean, can you get a variation on your FC. or is seals still a taboo subject?

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    Seal culling is allowed to protect salmon nets but only under license. Even then it's almost to be done covertly to stop all the anti's kicking up a fuss. Might be a different story if these 'harmless' creatures attacked one of their dogs or even worse a child.

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