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    Parker Hale

    Hello Guys, A quick question to any of you who know a bit about Parker Hale rifles or have had dealings with them. I have been offered one in 7mm rem mag rifle has done next to nothing. Barrle is very clean and rifling is crisp. The said rifle has apparantly been made by mauser for parker hale. I wasnt aware Mauser made rifles for PH.. any info or light that can be shed would be appricated. I am thinking to use the action for a semi custom rifle.

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    BritHunter is you man for PH I believe.

    Too Old Soon Too Late Smart

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    I am not aware of any of the P-H line up being made by Mauser Obendorf. P-H did have some made by Brno on the ZG47 action which was the Hussar model. P-H did build some of their earlier rifles on original Mauser actions. Perhaps that were some are getting confused?

    Of course if someone can prove that Mauser Obendorf did make rifles for parker-Hale I would be most glad to see the proof. Am always looking for more reliable P-H information .

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    intresting. I will see if I can get a picture for u BH. would be good to see what you think. It is a nice rifle and its not alot of mony which is tempting me.

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    I had a Parker - Hale in 308 win a few years back that was built on a k-98 mauser action ( it had the charging cut out in the left reciever rail and the original military issue safety)I remember reading some where that Parker - Hale's first mauser actioned sporters were all built on ex - military 98's until they switched to spanish built Santa Barbara commercial actions.I've owned and shot a number of both types and all were good ,dependable and reasonably accurate rifles.I did have a late production 1200 that was a bit of a dog, but other than that good value for the money. And before anyone asks, yes , the ex - military 98's reciever was marked Parker - Hale.
    Hope this helps, good hunting ab

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    When P-H moved to their new factory site in 1962 in the tunnel range I am told they found crates of new Mauser 98 actions that were grabbed as war reperations and stuffed into storage there. Of course they belonged tot eh Government but of course they had no want or need of them so P-H got permission to dispose of them so they built their rifles on them which is how they came to build complete rifles and not just make and supply accessories.

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    I believe that PH guns from England were imported to the US. I also believe that many of them used FN commercial actions. It it perhaps one of these/ Fabrique National, should be on the action. capt david

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    Parker-hale did import to the US amongst other countries the early distributor for the US seems to have been :-

    International Guns Inc, 67 Warburton Ave, Yonkers. New York.


    That is the label stuck to the front on my #62 catalogue says.

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