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Thread: Importing fireamrs

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    Importing fireamrs

    Does anyone know if it is possible to import a gun from the USA?

    Browning don't sell left handed T-Bolts in Europe for some reason (will do a left handed stock on a right handed action). I am right handed, but 100% left eyed, so have to either come off aim to cycle the bolt on a right handed bolt action gun, or hold the rifle with my trigger hand with my thumb out of the way to cycle a right handed straight pull bolt.

    Obviously I hear you cry 'get a left handed bolt action then!', but my left had is about a dexterous as my left ear when it comes to fine motor control and doing things quickly, so a straight pull will be MUCH faster!

    I also feel a little like I'm being excluded.

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    I was told by customs, no problem as long as you have a licence to own it.

    as its not proofed you can have problem selling it.

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    Ah yes...proofing. Didn't think about that.


    Did you actually do anything about importing a gun - I'm assuming you were looking at it rather than just looking for a reason to talk to customs bods?

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    If you SEARCH on the site you will find all you need to know.

    I'm in LAZY mode at the moment, actually just going to bed....


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    There is NO NEED to "prove" and provide work for Birmingham's otherwise unemployable, if the rifle is for your own personal use.

    However I have to say that the costs are such that you may find that the rifle is expensive when all the 'add ons" such as duty and VAT (that go on the total on cost so cost of weapon AND cost of delivery) are added on.

    I also belive that Browning USA will likely refuse to sell to you are that will break any territorial sale agreements. Are the UK agents unable to assist?

    I used to import pistols and revolvers from the USA but, in those days, they just used to get sent in the regular mail. However that was maybe some twenty-five years ago. Things have changed. But what has not is that you WILL need both a US EXPORT and a UK IMPORT Licence.

    Best of Luck!

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    Don't underestimate the Tax and Duty.

    I bought some dies from the USA recently and the import charges, duties and taxes totalled 40 on 120 of product.

    For which they like cash on delivery.

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    If you were thinking of going to the USA and bringing the rifle back yourself there is no duty to pay, but you may need a resident to purchase it for you, they can then give it to you.

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    Careful trying to export ANY gun part out of the US. Strictly speaking you need an export permit for anything from whole guns to rings and bases to ammo and reloading components etc. All part of their war on terror - they dont want anything getting into the hands of the "enemy" that could be used against US citizens. Getting caught could mean anything from a slap on the wrist to confiscation to jail and fine.

    Thats not to say the rules are necessarily enforced, but you would be either very brave or very stupid to try and export it in person without the right paperwork!

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