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Thread: Superficial / Insuperficial inguinal lymph nodes?

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    Superficial / Insuperficial inguinal lymph nodes?

    Ok so the title looks like I know what Iím talking about but I donít and hoping for some guidance as Iím interested more than anything.

    So I did my DSC1 a good while back and learned a tiny amount about lymph nodes but not much about ones in the joints, and groin etc.

    I had a fallow buck last week the pluck was fine all good but there were pronounced lymph nodes in the haunch and under its "arm pits" (that's a technical term!) now looking on the tinternet thatís the superficial inguinal lymph nodes?!?

    So what does that tell me? There was nothing else of note with the beast, normal numbers of ticks n keds for a fallow on the edge of the New Forest. It didnt present any strange behavior, coat, hoof's good etc.

    Interested to learn from you all.

    White Hart...

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    Hi White Hart,

    All lymph nodes are part of the immune system and most are found at appropriate "draining" sites. So the armpit ones (brachial) are located where the lymph vessels drain from the forelegs. The inguinal from the back legs. What it tells you is that there will have been some infection in and around that area. Now that can be foot damage, or a cut, or infection from the tick bites. If you find enlarged ones, then you should look more closely at the area this node drains. (I've tried to find a picture, but can't get a decent enough size). However, the nodes may remain enlarged for some time after the infection that triggered the immune response. As a general rule if one or more nodes are enlarged, and these nodes are quite wide spaced, you should look even more carefully at the whole carcass. DId it set OK? If not then that could be a sign of more generalised septicaemia and the carcass would be condemned.

    GIven where you are and being fallow, I'd have to consider TB in my list and would go over the lungs very carefully

    Hope this helps

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    thanks very much for the response and taking the time, very interesting and informative.

    Yes it set ok and the lungs were fine, there were no visable signs of injury or damage so I'd hedge my bets on ticks I guess. It was interesting as I hadn't come across nodes that prononced in that area before.

    thanks again for taking the time to explain, very much appreciated.

    White Hart

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