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Thread: DMQ Level 1 costs..

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    DMQ Level 1 costs..

    Can those of you that have just recently passed your DMQ level 1 tell me what you were charged, and was it a 1 or 2 day course..


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    I haven't taken it yet but I'm booked in at Donnington Deer Management in June. It's a four day course and costs 300 (which includes registration and assesment fees plus the DDM training mamual).

    I know they also do an Assesment Only option for 140. But seeing as that makes the four days training cost 160, 40 a day seemed like very good value to me. I would be intereted in what others have paid.....



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    one day + course notes + dvd 180.00 one on one day very good.

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    210 and a two day course. Course notes 20 extra

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    We got 6 members together and brought BASC to our own ground cost at the time 60 a head

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    I have attended a few of the BDS four day courses - 290 inc material.

    I feel it would be hard to do a good job of covering the content of the manual in much less than two very long days.

    Note, I am not saying that it is not possible to pass the exam in one day - however, as the BDS/BASC et al do not make money out of accommodation, you have to query why they do not just run one day courses!

    Rgds Ian

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    Level 1

    210 at Ronnie Rose. I am pretty certain this included the notes. Two long but highly enjoyable days.

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    level course

    For those of you visiting David Stretton, He's the bloke at the Midland game fair doing the demo, you also get the benefit of his better halfs culinary skills while your in class at the house! Venison sausage to die for, he is also the source of lots of the actual course materials the dsc system is based on, his son does the walk around the assesment course with the rifle, this guy hunts with birds of prey & is also the record holder for the 180lb draw yew longbow

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    John ,Garry and Andy at the Stalking school Moray.250 all in plus notes over two days .Great couple of days and very relaxed.

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