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Thread: speed butchery

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    speed butchery

    people may have already seen this, but worth a look. The man is insanely fast - does in 8 min what takes me about an hour (on a good day).

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    God he's slow.......

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    How fast do you do it?

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    that knife flicking around his apron had me cringing!
    very swift

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    He really knows how a deer is put together and how to take it apart!

    I could put him on a plane and fly him over, to butcher a deer for me and it would still be done quicker than if I started now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mungo View Post

    How fast do you do it?
    In my dreams much faster -: in reality in a hour on a good day!!!!!!

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    I'd be guaranteed to lose a couple of fingers at that speed.

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    Someone I know thought they were fast too ! Guess hours in A&E after he sliced into his leg slowed him down abit !

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    To get proficient first step is learn how to do it right.
    Then do lots and lots eventually speed comes its that simple.
    I did post a video of him skinning a deer i love the way he gets physical with it.
    (Interesting video of someone skinning a deer then cutting it up)
    Bet he would be a handful to escort out of a night club full of ale.

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    Unreal! That would take me all afternoon!

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