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Thread: Shw Mae from the top of the Moutain

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    Shw Mae from the top of the Moutain

    Shw Mae, I`m Dai a carpenter and joiner from the upper afan valley, joined up to get more takes on stalking deer from different people. Hunting and fishing for 30yrs but new to deer so ready to soak up some of your knowledge on it. Starting bass charter trips next year when boat is finished. Only shoot and fish for the table.

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    Croeso Dai cyfarchion o sir benfro

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    Welcome to site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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    Hi Dai from Guy

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    Welcome from a Welshman in another mountainous part of the world!

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    Quote Originally Posted by multiman View Post
    Croeso Dai cyfarchion o sir benfro
    Yep wot ever he said

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    Quote Originally Posted by 177landy View Post
    Yep wot ever he said
    so the rest of you that dont understand Gods own tounge in english it reads

    'Welcome Dai greetings from pembrokeshire'

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