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Thread: dillon 550 or xl650 reloading press wanted

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    dillon 550 or xl650 reloading press wanted

    Chaps as above im after a dillon press! 550b or preferbly an xl650 thanks Will!

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    dont know whether you have found one but iv spotted one on seems reasonably priced aswell

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    Dillon RL550B press plus calibre change kit for: 223Rem, 9mm, .45acp/.308, 44 Rem Mag

    Dillon RL550B press complete, plus calibre change kits for: 223Rem, .45acp, .308, 44 Rem Mag, 38/.357,
    plus some Dillon Carbide Die sets, .45ACP, 38/.357, .44 Rem Mag (Lee carbide sizer only)

    Standard Powder Measure plus Magnum Powder measure,

    You can load 350 rounds an hour on this baby,
    I only load rifle so open to offers,

    more stuff with it I will update listing soon just gauging interest
    just looking for Dillon 9mm dies and conv. kit, I know I have a set, not much call for them thesedays, although M16 9mm is getting popular.
    450 for everything,
    Separates: carbide die sets 60 each, calibre conversion sets: 35 each, press with .308 baseplate, and both powder measures and spare parts pack: 350
    PM me if you are interested, advertised at club so first come first served.

    See my original posting with pics


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    Hmmm bump before i buy an auto feed powder disprenser

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