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    New introduction

    Hi All,

    joined a few weeks back and have found some interesting reading on here.

    I am 45, married with two boys and I live in Waterlooville just outside Portmouth.

    I shot at Longmoor rifle and Pistol club and have been shooting for 9 years and stalking for 2 and 1/2. I help run the club and the range and am a qualified RCO.

    As for stalking, I was not very lucky at first, but recently it has picked up a bit with a couple of fallow hinds on the last day of March (unlucky for them) and a young roe buck on the 25th April. Very tasty it was too.

    I have access to a few local farms but only on the back of others permission/rights. Also shoot to the north of the New forest. would like to get some of my own land or own rights so I can get out more often.

    Cheers Darren

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    Welcome on-board Darren.

    Sounds like you have been Lucky recently.

    Good Luck


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