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Thread: Treating wooden high seats

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    Treating wooden high seats

    Bodged up a lean-to high seat recently out of salvaged timber. Mainly fairly low quality wood from pallets and a broken picnic table. Quite pleased with the result and it had the right price tag on it - ie. free. However, without thinking I plastered it in creosote substitute . Will now likely end up stinking of creosote every time I sit in it
    Also concerned that it may put deer off (it is approx 150 yrds from the wood).

    Any tips for future treatment of such high seats (without the stink)?

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    Ducks back on rough sawn timber. Get a trade member get it for you in b and q. No smell, no contamination. Creosote is oil based and does not dry fully. Sit on it on a hot day it will stain. Don't buy cheep preservative ie 10 for ten litres it washes of first shower. 9 litre ducksback is about 17 to a trade customer. Lasts for ages and weathers in nicely forest green for firs and brown for hardwood. Jim
    protect paint from frost though it thickens.

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    Superb Jim,
    In the meantime will cover my stinking special seat with plastic

    Many thanks for the tip

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    All you need to do is get a small bottle of terrorbine (dryers mix it with some more creosote and it will dry with no smell. You can also paint over the creosote with oil base paint thinned well it will do the job in fact no harm do at all.Your seat will last for ages.

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    Cuprinol Timbercare One coat Black. Doesn't smell and blends in nicely
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