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Thread: Rabbit diseases

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    Rabbit diseases

    What disease would cause a rabbit to be either blind or not frightend of humans?

    I ask because today I had to kill 2 rabbits at both were in the middle of the road or just on the path with people walking past them, they were clearly in bad health with what looked like abses or swelling of the face and really poor body conditions so I thought bed to put them out there misery.

    Sorry in advanced if this is a really novice question just curious.


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    Sounds like myxomatosis where the eyes swell up and close with sores on its face and body

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    could also be rhd
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    Yeah just googled it and the pictures look pretty much the way these 2 did today. Is it easily spread? It's just you often see a lot about this site and with no one controlling then is it likely to go through them all?

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    Myxomatosis has to be the No1. It is spread through rabbit fleas (and midges) and is likely to go through that population of rabbits.

    By rhd, I assume you mean VHD - they are more likely to be found dead

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    Almost certainly myxomatisis. With VHD you hardly ever find the victims, your rabbits just disappear. Both diseases have been really bad down here this year, from one of the biggest increases in the rabbit population I have known for years in the space of a couple of months they have all but disappeared.

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    yeah and both manufactured by the biggest meddler on the planet MANKIND

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    Massive outbreaks of mixy and vhd this year - the weather's been very good for the bugs that spread the diseases and bad for the general health of the rabbits so they've been more prone to dying rather than fighting it off.

    Aside from the crap weather, when I have been out my best effort this summer has been 20 rabbits in a session, with the average being 2 or 3 hardly worth bothering, but at least the land owners think I'm doing an amazing job

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    Quote Originally Posted by d foxxer View Post
    yeah and both manufactured by the biggest meddler on the planet MANKIND
    Its a common misconception that myxomatosis is a man made disease its not it occurs naturally in South American country's, Argentina in particular, however in those country's it is not a killer the rabbits there have built up a resistance to it, probably built up over hundreds of years.

    The same thing is starting to happening here now some rabbits get over it, when it was introduced in the 1950s it devastated the rabbit population and it was a death sentence for any rabbit that caught it.

    Climate plays a part as well the British climate being ideal for its spread, when first introduced to Australia it did not take a hold something about it being to dry and the flies that spread it did not live in these areas, though this was not realised at the time an attempt to introduce it in an area which had more water seceded , and once it got started it raged across Australia which had a huge rabbit population , spread by contact passing from one rabbit to another.

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