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Thread: FoxPro Fury GX7 Digital Caller

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    FoxPro Fury GX7 Digital Caller

    For sale: FoxPro Fury GX7 Digital Caller.

    Used(apx 4 months old) but in as new condition. Comes with APX 250 UK calls(many of which are the crystal clear 24 bit calls that only the Fury models and above can play) including Muntjack and Fallow calls. Also has a further 50 USA specific calls which Ive left on for fun....

    For sale at Bushwear for 599.


    The FOXPRO FURY takes predator calling to a whole new level with great new
    features, 24-bit audio and the new TX-500 remote control!

    When it comes
    to electronic predator calls, FOXPRO understands the needs of the worldwide
    predator hunting community. By reaching out to the hunters through online
    forums, feedback through online questionnaires, and maintaining an open line of
    communication, FOXPRO listens to their needs.

    The new FOXPRO FURY is a
    culmination of feature requests that the predator hunting community has wanted
    to see in a digital game call. With 24-bit audio, increased sound storage, and a
    vamped-up feature packed remote control, FOXPRO is proud to introduce this
    latest creation to the predator calling world.The FURY combines the rugged and
    lightweight design from the FX Series housing and dual speaker system with the
    latest technology available today. Also included with the FURY is the all-new
    TX-500 remote control; offering improved range performance and more control at
    your fingertips than ever before!

    The TX-500 gives you 10 sound presets
    with custom volume levels and two quick access buttons for your most frequently
    used sounds. On top of that, FOXCAST™ allows you to design up to 10 complete
    stands from start to finish by mapping out sounds, durations of the sounds being
    played, and volume level for a completely hands-free predator calling
    experience. The extra large LCD panel makes text easier to read and the new
    powerful navigational menus provide you with an operating interface that is easy
    to use.

    Looking for 450 posted RMSD

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    would you take 2 budges 5-6 weeks old fu--- things

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr Badge View Post
    would you take 2 budges 5-6 weeks old fu--- things
    Never ahd much luck with Budgies, both mine died of neglect when i was a kid..

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    Still for sale. Also got a Wildfire. Drop me a PM.

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