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    Picking up on a point from the most recent Z---s optics thread and notwithstanding an acknowledgment that any piece of kit must ultimately be fit for purpose, I wondered just how important the aesthetic of all aspects of hunting with a rifle are to the readership. And I do mean from your boots to the vehicle you haul your kit and everything between.

    For me this consideration sits as a priority only below what I can actually afford and if I tell you a cenrefire rifle of mine will never sport a moderator unless it becomes law and that I've had a barrel milled flat for 30mm X 1mm to permit fag paper clearance of my preferred scope's objective/rings/mount combination this should give an idea of my position. But then I also enjoy using a broom so perhaps I'm a little way from the norm!

    Oh, and at the risk of ruffling a few feathers, let me assure all Landrover Defender owners they are not immune from this malady as there can be no other reason for putting up with the comfort of a deer larder on wheels and a less than vermin-proof one at that!!


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    I consider aesthetics very important - I like the kit I'm using to look good as well as being, but not to the detriment of, functional. So for example whereas I have a handsome hill-stalking rifle, it is fitted with a moderator.

    It also makes you feel good when someone says ‘that’s a nice rifle’. And let us not forget the psychological effect – in my opinion you are likely to shoot better if you are using nice looking kit that you can be proud of.

    My Discovery 4 looks damn fine, but with tan interior not the most practical to put a deer carcass in or get in with boots covered in mud. But then what are valeting companies for?

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    With a face like mine you get used to being hung up on aesthetics!
    You can't say muntjac without saying, Mmmmmm.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry mac View Post
    With a face like mine you get used to being hung up on aesthetics!
    A good hat does it for me!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harry mac View Post
    With a face like mine you get used to being hung up on aesthetics!
    The deer don't notice.

    Come to think of it, they wouldn't notice if your rifle was rusty, the stock was held together with a 6" nail, bailer twine for a sling and you were wearing the clothes you just change the oil in the car with.

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    Anything I use must first and foremost be both functional and comfortable, if it looks good that's a bonus....That's probably why I rarely hear the words 'you look nice'!

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    Many years ago I walked into a pub in Mallaig with a fellow stalker, we had been doing an engine refit on the boat and we were wearing grubby orange boiler suits (this is a public bar, mind. The Marine, for those of you who frequent these sinful villages). One of the locals shouts out, "you won't get many deer wearing that!". To which my mate replied, "if you are as good as us, it doesn't matter!"

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    Function first but why buy ugly.
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    For me its not important, as long as the kit is fit for purpose thats it, rifle stock is scratched barrel has no bluing left, will meet clients properly dressed in the morning if going to the hill thats tweed suit and collar and tie
    but that is for their benefit not mine, after meeting them the tie gets ditched and jacket replaced by something more suited to our normal weather.

    In fact I get a bit of perverse pleasure when A client wants to avail themselves of the estate rifle clause, the look of apprehension when they first see the rifle, and look of shock when they see how well it shoots .
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    good god, were does that put me, none of my centrefires have mods on them, 24 year old landrover 90, and a loonatic springer spaniel at foot !!

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