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Thread: German Wirehaired Pointer Pups

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    German Wirehaired Pointer Pups

    Hi Everyone

    I have a litter of liver and liver/white ticked GWP pups for sale. The Sire is used for stalking and picking up. The Dam is used for rough shooting and on the grouse moors. Her hips are 3-3 and she has a number of awards in pointing and working tests.

    The pups will be ready on the 21st June and will be KC registered, microchipped, insured and will have tails!



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    How much ? Is there a choice to have a docked one or is it too late?

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    They are 500 for both dogs and bitches. They all have thier tails as I live in Scotland.

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    GWP pups

    I still have 4 dog pups left from this litter of 11 (two liver and two liver/white). I want to get them in to working homes rather than pet homes if I can and have therefore reduced the price of these remaining pups to 300 to the right homes. Several of the pups have gone to stalking homes already.

    They are 8.5 weeks old, have been home reared and are nice bold pups. Dam is Kenmilquin Fraven, Sire is Trudvang Tjalfe.

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    Shame they are not docked

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    Stand Buck, send me a Pm or e-mail me and I can point you in the right direction! Near to you as well!

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