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Thread: BASC alternatives

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    BASC alternatives

    hi chaps,

    my BASC expires 31/10 and I'm interested if there are better options out there for me. it will be myself and my wife covered, her for shotgun and me for shotgun and centrefire rifles, not sure if that matters.

    right now I'm paying £120 pa joint cover.

    do you feel there are any better alternatives out there that will help reduce the premium with no reduction in services delivered or quality of insurance? I'm in scotland if that matters.

    thanks for your thoughts, but any comments that extrapolate a little be on 'why' would be much appreciated too.


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    right now I'm paying £120 pa joint cover.
    Really.....maybe I have misunderstood. Our joint membership is£89.

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    Here we go again.

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    not trying to open up a can of worms here. not sure why I had £120 in mind, but I've just checked the new invoice and via 10 payments it's indeed only £93. apologies for that.

    in any case, still interested to hear of other alternatives - bear in mind I have nothing bad to say about BASC, but am always looking to cut costs where feasible.

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    I think the alternatives have already been discussed in detail several times:- BASC, CA, NGO, SGA, SACS, BDS - it's up to each individual to decide which is best organisation suited to represent and insure them, and how much that is worth in terms of subs.Alex - you beat me to it!

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    thanks CSL for the link.

    everone else just ignore this thread then :-)

    Edit - SACS is it. decision made, half the price or less :-)

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    May i just add that i am a memeber of SACS and they do give the cover most shooters need. But over the last few months i have been dealing with BASC officials at government level and they do a good job. I cant see how they can get away from this situation on one hand they are working at a high level traveling all over and with out doubt influencing government departments. On the other at ground level they seem to be disinterested if i worked at BASC i would look at these threads because with out the core membership they will loose there influence and that would be a bad thing for us all.

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    i have BASC membership and i have also just taken out SACS i wont stop with BASC as i see them all as important i wanted the insurance backup for SACS and at the prices i dont see it as an issue its hardly anything for a years membership, atb wayne
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    In my opinion, there are no real alternatives to BASC. If you only want cheap insurance, just take your pick.

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