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Thread: Making my Introduction

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    Making my Introduction

    I'm just getting back into hunting after a long break.

    Originally from Australia, but 12 years in the UK now. As a youth I would reasonably regularly go out for roos, foxes, rabbits and pigs. Then I finished school, moved to the city and developed a much stronger interest in beer, women and motorcycles (not necessarily in that order).

    Last Christmas, back in Australia, I had the oppotunity to go on a roo shoot. I did enjoy it and decided to try to do some hunting/stalking in the UK.

    I've just returned from my first trip to the Scottish highlands, and my first Red Deer stag. A reasonable 8 pointer, but a nice starting point. Keen to do more now. Unfortunately, living in London makes it all a bit of a mission, but certainly not insurmountable. I've applied to join my local rifle club, and looking into DSC1 options.

    I've also done a bit of clay shooting over the past few years.

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    Welcome, this is a good forum.

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    If that's your first stag, well done. Most of us have to shoot a lot of rubbish before we get a beast like that. You'll find plenty on here.

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    Thanks for the welcomes.

    My stalk was from the Glenuaig Hunting Lodge, on the Glencarron Estate, just outside Achnasheen. The stalker was Stuart, who while new to the estate this summer seemed to be very good at his job, knew quite a lot about the local area and certainly knew where the deer were. I had about a 2 hour stalk, although all day was spent on the hill as my friend took a 10 pointer in the morning.

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    Welcome to the site,

    A clever man knows his strengths, a wise man knows his weaknesses

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