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Thread: Hi everyone

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    Hi everyone

    Hello there,

    Mark here, living in Cheshire where i am lucky enough to get out stalking reasonably frequently with a full time stalker. He has Reds and Roe nearby along with Muntjac and Chinese water deer elsewhere. I use a Steyr-Mannlicher in .308 Win which i have built my own stock for. The new stock is much stiffer around the forend than the factory version and so poi remains far more consistent wether i'm off sticks or a sling or a bipod. I also have a foxing rifle in .223 Rem which is great for crows too. Looking forward to reading more and hopefully having something useful to say myself at times.

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    Welcome to the site Mark.

    I'm also in Cheshire - Macclesfield, whereabouts are you?.....



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