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Thread: Logging On

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    Logging On

    Has anybody else had problems logging on?
    I am getting a little fed up having to log on nearly every time I want to view the site, and, when I change pages or topics it takes so long my page 'times out' and I have to log on again and hope I can change the page without it happening again!

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    Logging On

    It just took me three attempts to put the last post on

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    I was literally just thinking of putting up exactly the same post as you have just done.

    It seems to throw me out on a regular basis when I change from one section to another. Getting very tiresome.

    You are not alone and I suspect it is happening to everyone??

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    Everyone has been suffering of late. I think plans are afoot to "move" the forum. I reckon JAYB will be along soon with an update.

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    Nice to know it's not just me

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    Same problems here !


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    i get the same problem to the screen just keeps going white when i try to change topics

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    I have been having problems too.



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    You are not alone, as I type there is someone looking at the whole site we are trying to get it moved to another host. All we can do is apologise as and when it is done everybody will know, it is quite a big job that could prove to be expensive as well as time consuming.


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    same problems for all i reckon
    i would hazzard a guess that this site is so big and complex
    moving host's , must be a difficult operation which will take time and planning if posts and sections are not to be lost in transition
    not sure why a change of host is needed as the site worked very well before hand
    but hopefully JayB and Malc will get it sorted soon

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