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Thread: Update on West Mercia

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    Update on West Mercia

    Just renewed coterminous FAC/SGC and requested a variation. All submitted 4 weeks before renewal date and returned, done and dusted 14 days later. Stalking rifles are now conditioned with deer and AOLQ.

    Prior to renewal I had phoned on a couple of occasions for information and advice. Both times phone was answered promptly and I was given appropriate (and sensible) advice. I can't fault the service provided to me and hope it is the same for everyone. I know a number of folk have been persistent in writing/lobbying the Chief Constable and local political figures, to get things changed for the better, so thanks to them for your efforts - especially Flytie .

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    Yes there have been some very good changes things are looking up.
    Great news for all us covered buy west Mercia

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    Fantastic news - good on them for being sensible about AOLQ too.

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    Lets just hope all forces take this on board with the AOLQ I'm quite lucky mine do but the majority don't I believe, must save tons of time and hassle fingers crossed....

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    That really is good news well done.

    The department really does seem to have caught up with its huge backlog and now seems to be giving one of the best services around.

    Lets hope it stays that way!
    damnant quodnon intelligunt

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    On current form. Best force in country for the huge turn about. The feo's have more of a input now.
    They have cut out some of the red tape and bcome very affective indeed.

    Lets hope it can stay that way now.
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    Good to hear.
    Couple of years ago I used to read on here that West Mercia was slow and getting a bit of a bad press, deservedly by the sound of it too, which was quite a shock to me as they were always spot on and so quick when I used to deal with them probably one of the better forces to deal with.
    Was scratching my head trying to remember the name of the bloke that ran the firearms dept

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