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Thread: .204 factory ammunition

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    .204 factory ammunition

    I am waiting to collect a new CZ .204 with a 24" Varmint (heavy barrell) and 1 in 12 twist rate. I just wondered if anyone could recomend a factory load for it. I appreciate that all barrells are different but thought it would be good to start with something that others have found works. I am hoping to use a bullet of 30gn ish and thought there is no point reloading if i can find an accurate round of the shelf.
    Thanks Tim

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    you already know the answer suck it and see what works in one barrel may not work in another ask the rfd if you can have 10 rounds of ammo from each suplier find what works and buy from that rfd he may not agree

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    the price of off the shelf ammo for some is hard hitting. so many reload i know i do with all my centre fires.

    I have been told that a local shop here charges 28 per 20 x 204 rounds, now that for some is way over the top, ??

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    I used to use 32gr Vmax in my 12 twist and they worked well and was paying 21 for 20 only last month, home loading now.

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    I already load for my .243 but not sure if i want to give up the time for another calibre. the initial cost of dies etc is a bit off putting.

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    my gun shop only stocks vmax got box of 32 and 40 gr when i picked my gun up for free!!! they both shoot well ( but i do reload ) just wanted them for the brass but out of the two the 40s where better grouping in my gun !! and its a 1 in 12 twist but my mate who has the same gun as me they no where near as good out of his

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    Quote Originally Posted by Munty_Hunter View Post
    I already load for my .243 but not sure if i want to give up the time for another calibre. the initial cost of dies etc is a bit off putting.
    My mate will lend me some 204 dies. Buy some powder and bullets. We will work up a load. Then once thats done.
    Just load as many up as the powder let's you before I return his dies

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