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Thread: Leupold VXR Scope (illuminated)

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    Leupold VXR Scope (illuminated)

    Leupold VXR2-7x33. As new condition, with original box and un filled out warranty card.

    I have owned this scope for a few months, It has been on my HMR, I have bought another VXR 4-12x50 as I wanted a finer reticule for longer range rabbits and crows. This scope is ideally suited for a .22 or a dedicated deer rifle, but perhaps not a varmint rifle. The 33mm OL allows it to be mounted super low so it gives a nice cheek weld. This scope is excellent in low light / night conditions, I have shot bunnies and foxes in the dark with it, the illuminated reticle is nice to use and has power settings suitable for total darkness through to full sun. This scope is ideal for a someone who doesn't beleive in high mag scopes on a deer rifle or who wants a low mag for boar shooting (at 2xmag the field of view is excellent)

    I was going to keep this scope as I plan on getting a .22 at some point, but I have also spent rather a lot lately so I will stick it up here in case anyone is interested. The fact I have bought another VXR says it all.

    I am looking for 375

    I recommend you read this review

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    I think u need to have alook at the new price for this scope the next grade up with the flash dot is only 480 USD which is 300 .

    Regards Trevor.

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    Hi Tom D you have a pm

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    Quote Originally Posted by gadget View Post
    I think u need to have alook at the new price for this scope the next grade up with the flash dot is only 480 USD which is 300 .

    Regards Trevor.

    Which model is that then? I bought this for $550 and then paid the 22%vat and import duty.

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    Hi Tom I just googled it to find some more info about the scope


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    The ChuckhawksReview you linked to has the scope you are selling at an RRP of $460 (less 0.01c) & the VX-R 3-9x40mm at $480 (again, less 0.01c)

    Looks like you have paid $90 over the RRP & also 2% more VAT than you should have done

    So, the scope Gadget meant is probably the 3-9 x 40 version

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    I see, the prices must have gone up, when you import you pay 20%vat and 2.5% import duty.....

    Everything is cheaper in the US anyway, even european made stuff. The new VXR that I have bought cost about 630 its US price is $660......

    If you can show me it cheaper in the UK.......

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    Thats the one I am selling.

    This is the one I have replaced it with Leupold VXR 4-12x50mm Matte Riflescope FREE SH 111249, 111242, 111241. Leupold Rifle Scopes.

    I bought mine here:Leupold VX-R 4-12x50 Rifle Scope |

    As you can see the Dollar price is similar to the pound sterling price. Therefore the one that I am selling ($459in the US) would cost around 400-450 here, I am selling it for 375 as new so I think that is a reasonable price, I am open to offers...

    Try buying that $459 scope in the US and you will pay a big chunk of duty and tax to get it into the country.

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    You have to remember that not all sites include state tax in there prices, so may need to add that when buyin in the states, and I thought there as a rule on here about comments about price.

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