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Thread: Bix'n Andy Triggers

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    Bix'n Andy Triggers

    Has anyone had any experience of these triggers? They appear to be very well made but I don't want to spend out on one without some sort of independent evaluation.

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    Whatever he makes is top class. Just watch out that the trigger pull isn't too low. Some are down to a few Oz.

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    I bought a couple about 5 months ago to go on my 22.250 and 6.5 as I wanted the same (adjustable) trigger pull on both rifles of the same manufacturer.

    I must say (for me) it was money well spent as apart from trigger release weight, one can adjust for creep (not for me though). As edi states these people make top class products.

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    Are these triggers 2 stage? Im looking for a 2 stage trigger for my tikka T3

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