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Thread: Good news.

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    Good news.

    For about a week and a half i was beginning to doubt if i could justify keeping my 243 and the z6i scope. Having that sort of money standing in the gun cabinet whilst we struggle by on the dole, plus the fact i`ve only seen one buck on my permission since the beginning of their season was playing on my mind. My permission is easily poached from the roads.
    Well i`ve solved half of the issue, i`ve had a phone call and been offered a factory job locally which is great news. My 243 and scope are now safe, i just need to find my bucks.

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    Glad to hear that Basil,best of luck .

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    Thats good news, I am in a similar situation so hopefully things will pick up soon, done enough applications and put the time in.
    Once sorted I can be back out doing what I enjoy the most. Best of luck!

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    Basil glad to hear the good news on the job front.
    I have been very lucky in life and never been on the dole or out of work.
    I have often, when the subject has come up, tried to imagine what it would be like and the mere thought makes me shiver, so again good luck, oh and your luck will change on the Deer front too I'm sure.

    Oh I might add never been out of work but never been very well paid either

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    good to hear hope your new job goes well

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    Good news bas, if you ever need any help,of any sort you have my number,,tone,

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    good news mate
    i was thinking of offering you a deal on the Z6
    but now i shan't bother
    good luck in the new job

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    Good news indeed
    well done Basil
    i hope things start to pick up for you now

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    I'm chuffed for you mate..................Martin.

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    Well done basil.

    It is tough out there at the moment but you can relax a little now.

    Good Luck


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