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Thread: Riflescope myths

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    Riflescope myths

    Just came across this article, interesting read.


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    Very good. Well posted Sir.

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    Just what I was trying to say in anearlier thread: for nearly all of us, in nearly all conditions, we can't tell the difference,and even if we can, it makes no difference to the outcome.

    Can't wait to see the howls from the scope bling junkies.

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    Good stuff that puts alot of stuff in the bucket lol. Cheers Hootsman
    Just Shoot The F..king Thing!

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    Great post Bob, well worth reading by all..

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    Based on the assertion that a “Moss Yellow Polarized" lens is recommended for dusk and dawn . . . with a light transmission of 31 percent”, you have to ask yourself why one of the top brands haven’t produced “the ultimate low light scope” by coating their objective with such. After all if this would make it too harsh on the eye in normal daylight wouldn’t we (stalkers) put up with the inconvenience of screwing an anti glare filter in place on those rare occasions when the scope (of a stalking rifle) isn’t already back in gun cabinet??

    Just a thought but I’ sure I’m missing something.



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    A lot of years ago when I was short of surplus cash I put an ASI 6X40 scope onto a Sako Finnbear 7mm Rem.Mag. rifle which I had obtained.

    That cheap scope stood the rigors of a powerful cartridge and hard, rough work on stoney mountains with no problems whatsoever.
    I was also using a pair of Swift 7X50 porro-prism binoculars at that time. Whilst both of these units would be condemned as crap by many today they were responsible for the humane gathering up of hundreds of Deer of various species.
    Having a more expensive car than your neighbour does not make you a better driver.

    The article above makes good reading.


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    Interesting read, in my own experience, ive found that i dont notice the quality of my scopes until i pick up a bog standard scope.. Like if i go from the CF to the .22 or when a salesman in the local gunshop (bless him) trys to tell me i dont need my PM2 and what i really need is X,Y or Z.

    The big thing for me is reliability and ruggedness. Ive had scopes in my earlier days of shooting which have physically dropped to bits or not held zero.. not saying it cant happen to the top end glass, but think the build quality may be better than the 'low end' scopes.

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    Nice article! Thanks for the link.

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