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    Venison sausages

    My new sausage stuffer will be arriving today and Im looking for some good venison sausage recipes to put together.

    What's your favourite sausage recipe to eat or if your selling, what's your best seller?
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    Last couple of batches I have just used the scobies venison sausage mix + pork fat and they have gone down well. Did 36lb last week to top my freezer up!

    I also think the juniper burger mix is pretty good as well
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    hi there

    hae you made burgers before? using rusk and whatever flavouring ?

    if so i just make my sausage mix the same as my burger mix but im stuffing it into sausage skins.....only thing maybe is i would go for a slightly "wetter" mix or squisher mix just to make life wee bit easier for a start till you get comfy making them.

    as said the scobies mixes are good for starting off or if you dont want to faff about making yer own mixes

    bushwear do them also but ive never tried theirs as i found scobies cheaper

    mostly now i just mix my own but i buy butchers rusk from my local butcher and beef or pork seasoning powder as a base ...i just use a wee bit...then add in my own flavour....whatever it maybe ...usually want i find staring at me in the fridge or cupboard....everything from a large bottle o brown sauce flavour burgers etc

    its really that easy and if you dont like that flavour then dont make it again.

    couple of good ones to try that i & others liked

    venison & cranberry jelly ( jars of cranberry sauce / jelly fae supermarket)
    venison & spring onion ( spring onions blitzed till mush then add thru mince)
    venison & brown sauce

    if yer a curry fan then this is a belter...good in burgers too....
    buy a good quality curry paste...i have a goan curry paste take 5lbs o mince and 2heaped table spoons of paste and add in a jar of sharwoods or tescos mango chutney ..a large jar....mix well...... bloody good they are.

    the reason i keep mentioning 5lb is that i use large washing up bowls from asda or the like and find when mixing it takes roughly 5lb at a time wher ei can get the surgical gloves on and mix like hell without it going all over the shop & making a mess...... i should actually look for an industrial large mixing bowl but wash hand basins purely for my vension stuff work

    i buy pork belly or go into local supermarket and buy packs of misshaped bacon or smoked ham soup packs
    for every 5lbs of venison mince i use around a pound ish of minced porkbelly or the bacon mentioned above

    if looking for skins etc the hog skins from are the business and good to deal with on the phone

    hope this helps
    im no expert i just muck bout and play with different stuff but seems to work for me

    if needing any help pm me your number and i will try to answer or advise...if i dont know then ill say so ...wont try to blow smoke up yer ar*e !

    once you made some of your own bangers n burgers then youll be looking for a chest freezer & more beasts!!

    a'the best
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    they look bloody good

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    I use weschenfelders venison mix at half rate as at full it masks flavour of the venison. I have also found it good to mix it all up chill and stuff the next day. Venison sausages eggs bacon fried toms and fried bread after getting up at 4 to go buck stalking make it all worthwhile.

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