i was speaking to a friend a while ago about guns, as you do, we got around to talking about re-barrels. i have a tikka t3 in stainless. i bought a bag of nails basically. when trying to get an OAL i get a stop on the gauge and then if i apply a little more pressure i can push another 1mm. it will not shoot 120gn ammo. but i can get a group with 140gn.
we got around to talking about re-barrels as he is having a hornet built as i type this. for me to have a new rebarrel will not happen, i will shoot it very sparingly until it no longer shoot a group. I only use it for controlling roe and muntjac on a couple of patches. we are talking like 5 a year.

my fault as i bought a pile off poo. lack of money stopped me buying new. few other issues stopped me getting the bore checked so it was 3 months before i had chance to get on it. lesson learnt i guess.

I was then told that on occasions some have a perfectly good barrel swapped out. does anyone know of such a place please.

thanks for reading my ramblings

kind regards