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Thread: How do i find a permission?

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    How do i find a permission?

    I visit my mum in hospital every weekend. (yes, she`s still there)
    On my travels on the motorway i have seen what looks like some great looking land and have seen a few deer in places. I plan to call in on the owners of the land in the hope i can pick up a bit more permission. (I also do ferreting, which helps)
    Does anyone know if there is a site similar to google earth that will look at the land from above and give me its postcode at the same time?
    I don`t really want to go driving blindly around the countryside wondering where the hell that piece of land was that i saw from the motorway.

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    the best thing to do is pm me the area the piece of land is and i will look on google maps to see which roads lead to where and get back to you
    might be a start

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    Have you tried getamap? I don't know if you can get postcodes from there but you can definately input postcodes and placenames and get an os map up from them.

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    The best one i find is multimap it will give you what you want.

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    I always look on as I find it gives better coverage of areas out in the sticks that google earth.

    I do find it a great help for looking at new ground.

    Regards Lee

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    Much appreciated all. Thanks Lee.

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