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Thread: New to Tanning

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    New to Tanning

    Just got in to tanning, after tanning my 1st Fallow and some foxes, i have been using the K-tan but im looking for an alternative that may be cheaper or has the capacity to do more skins within one pack. Would anyone be able to shed some light on this, and any info would be great!

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    Man made home kev mccloud did his with the brain!

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    Yes there is a method of brain tanning that requires just the brain of the animal to do the tanning,and each animals brain is sufficient to tan its own skin,so a Rabbit brain will do its own skin and a Red will do a Reds skin.

    Brain Tanning Furs by George Michaud


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    You could try alum tanning. Despite what the article infers, if you spend time breaking the hide soft (elbow grease ) then it gives you a lovely soft, white backed hide worth keeping.

    Alum is also easily obtained in Ebay and is quite cheap compared to K-Tan.

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    Thanks chaps, good idea with the brains, i wonder how good the leather would be like that?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thebe View Post
    Thanks chaps, good idea with the brains, i wonder how good the leather would be like that?
    I have found brains makes for a softer hide, but you will need to smoke it afterwards else the Moths will tke a shining to it...

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    Apparently dog crap was used to tan leather for use as belts on pulleys used in mills Ect don't advocate it's use without gloves !!!!

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    JUST loaned out my two reference books on tanning to one of the local forum members...

    Oak bark solution is a traditional one - you sort of make a tea from it & the skins are given a soaking

    Fido's little messages are/were used in a different capacity; as with most animals the digestive tract of dogs does not run at 100% efficiency. As dogs are meat eaters the stomach is designed to break down protein. When the dog excretes the digested food, a lot of what is contained is the chemicals that will break down they are ideal for use in the tanning process...but only as one stage in a very long process

    Alum is a modern quick fix product...I personally steer cleer of chrome/metal tanned hides - prefer to stick with vegetable tanned ones (the end results differ in terms of what the leather can be used for & the properties it will retain) = though if the neighbours have a court order to stop you following their pet poodle with a small shovel then alum may be the way you will have to go

    Brain tanning IS also a traditional method - but mainly for turning skins into a soft clothing type of leather - i.e. North American Indian too can shop at Asda in a full Davy Crocket outfit...hat not included

    When I get the two books back I will do a thread on here giving some "home recipes" as kits ARE a convenient approach, but you pay for that convenience
    You can do things a lot cheaper - even close to free - by spending a bit of time making your own tanning solutions, etc.

    Hopefully it may spur a few folk on to try home tanning so more of the deer gets used - plus its another side to the hobby for the long winter nights
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    Thank you saddler, really appreciate the info. im very keen to look into the oak bark tanning, the book info would be greatly appreciated when you recieve them back and have time of course. Your also very right in the respect of its a great evening hobby and great to make use of the full animal, i currently have a fox skin salted getting ready for tanning, hoping to make it into a Davy crocket style hat but finding it really difficult to work out how to do it! if you have any thoughts on the hat it would also be greatly appreciated!
    Many thanks

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    Check out diesel tanning, a mixture of alum and diesel, been done on here B4 I think if not look it up, deerwarden

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