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Thread: First Buck for '09

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    First Buck for '09

    A phone call to Bandit Country earlier on in the week and sunday moring it was for the first outing on the Roe Bucks on one of my premissions 5 mins down the road. We meet in the village carpark at 04.15 and off we went.
    I had said to Chris it's your shout this morning to what the plan of attack was to be. So we got to the ground and got kitted up, Chris was going to take a stalk in the wood and I was going to sit out in the first feild to see if anything appeared.
    Made my way along the edge of the wood and got seetled in on a ridge where I could see a good part of th feild.
    The sunrise was at 05.20 so I had plenty of time to take it the early moring air and listend to the countryside wake up. A badger made it's way back to the wood from a nights forraging in the clover, he looked like a drowned rat from all the early moring due on him.
    The sun came up.

    I then heard a movement in the wood behind me so I turned and looked but could noy see anything moving and when i turned back there at about 100yards was a Roe Buck thrashing away at a patch of docks on the slope in front of me. Where he came from I had no idea he just appeared as they do. Decided to take him off the bipod so just my luck the position i was in i was surrounded by nettles. I inched my way down, he new something wasn't quite right and he looked my way every coulpe of seconds. Eventually got down and had him in the crosshairs, he now made his way down the slope a bit. He puased just slightly off broadside but still a good enough target area visable. Let the 100gr Rem CLUB away and a good thud came back, loaded again. The reaction to the shot was a slight kick and then he walked 20m into the clover a rolled over for the last time.
    Made my way over to where he was lay on was joined by Chris who had heard the shot and the strike from inside the wood.

    We made our way back to the truck and carried out the gralloch, the bullet had taken out the heart,lone lung and the liver. Also a slight bit of 'green' but nothing to worry about to much. We then went back after we got cleaned up and ranged to shot a nice comfortable 78yards.

    A good opener of my Roe buck season


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    1 buck

    Well done Jonathon,nice write up & cracking pics. Andy

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    Very nice buck to start this seasons account with, well done.

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    Well done Johnathon. Nice story great pics and a lovely buck.


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    jonathon nice buck to start off the season

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    Lovely looking buck Jonathon.

    Pity it's too wet to get a few of those chops on the BBQ!

    All the best.


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    Nice one Johnathon.
    We had a good weekend too, I had Max of this site down for a couple of stalks.

    We got three bucks in three outings all coming to the call, unfortunately I made an arse of videoing any
    I didn't get him a big buck like I had hoped, saw a big boy but his little brother came to the call instead that's stalking

    This one was the best of the three only a five pointer but quite tall.

    Atb Wayne

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    That's some head...and the roe's not bad either.

    Seriously, it's nice to hear of someone having success with the call.


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    Jeez, if that's one of your smaller lads, I'd love to see what you call a big boy

    A very nice looking head.


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    Well done Johnathan!

    That buck's a beauty by any estimation btw mate, thank you for the write up and excellent photos.



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