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Thread: Intermediate Deer Course

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    Intermediate Deer Course

    Due to a couple of late cancellations there are few places availble on our very popular Intermediate Deer Course at Stonor in Oxfordshire on the 19th and 20th November

    The intermediate Deer Course is designed as a step between DSC One and Two and the aim is to advance and prepare stalkers wishing to undertake the DSC 2 or just wanting to improve your skills in the field. The course will equip the candidate with the support, understanding and awareness required for the safe and correct way of shooting deer, retrieving, gralloching, carcase inspection and laddering. It allows everyone to be supervised on a number of culls and provides practical experience in preparing the carcase for human consumption.

    Pre Course Requirements

    Current BASC membership and DSC 1 certificate


    COST, 260.00

    ‘BASC have been running these courses for nearly 5 years now and it is a great opportunity to learn through practice all the elements you need for your Level 2. It is run at the time of year when many cull animals need to be taken out of the heard and all candidates will have the opportunity to cull and prepare a number of animals each over the two days. A highly practical and useful course with very experienced deer managers.’ Dr Peter Marshall

    For further information or to book on the course contact Susan on 01244 573018
    The places will be allocated on a first come first serve basis
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    There are now only 2 places remaining.

    This is a good opportunity to get several culls under your belt and practice all aspects required for DSC 2

    First come first serve

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