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Thread: lamping/shoot day

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    lamping/shoot day

    Ive been travelling quite a distance to help a mate lamping Fox and rabbit on a small DIY shoot he's involved with. I'm up there next month for a pheasant day and was toying with the idea of tying in some lamping. So, question is, what is the lesser of the two evils, risking upsetting birds by lamping night before shoot, or risk of scent from humans and dogs through the day upsetting the foxes and making them scare on the night of? CheersNovice

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    Go lamping after the shoot, It will take a lot more than that to upset foxes.
    You will find they will be looking for any pricked birds you failed to find during the shoot anyway.
    I wish I was half the hunter my dog thinks I am

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    Quote Originally Posted by sinbad View Post
    Go lamping after the shoot, It will take a lot more than that to upset foxes.
    You will find they will be looking for any pricked birds you failed to find during the shoot anyway.
    +1 I've never quite worked out how they know but foxes are always mooching for lost / pricked birds after the shoot. I've had plenty a good result beating/picking up off for a meal/pint and back in the evening lamping Charlie.
    Lamping night before would upset and scatter the birds. As keeper will know where his birds are the day before the shoot he will have all his drives planned for the day. If your lamping upsets things you won't be flavour of the month

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    I would doubt if lamping would affect the birds that much the nite afore a shoot. It obvously will depend massively on the ground/type of woods, size of shoot, no's of birds, weather that nite(windy nite no probs, still frosty nite not so good+ birds often jumpyier when high pressure) and even how jumpy or settled birds were. Also depend how many foxes/bangs ur expecting, if jist an odd 1, possibly different if shooting a few each time thou.
    Funnily enough I would not lamp rabbits afore a shoot thou esp if a few rabbbits going about because of the ammount of time both u and lamp in field for, whereas for fox jist a quick flash, call flash type thing and moving on. In my opinion i think the spotlight/disturbance from rabbiting could do more harm near a pen than quick flash and 1 supersonic crack from foxing. (Dunno if that makes sense the way i've wrote it)

    U could possibly give pen/home/roosting woods a wider berth and try and call fox away but even the crack of a moderated rifle shouldnae cause any bother.

    I've told the estate stalker on our shoot he can please himself if he wants to stalk deer on a shoot day or any other time (a lot of other shoots on estate willnae allow him on on sats or days previous to shoots), i dinae think it bothers the birds that much (plus we are a small diy shoot and more into enjoying day than bag size) but also warned him we might disturb his stalk by accident if that's the wood we're driving next, or flighting ponds at dusk. If he needs to take a client out we jist organise over phone so both are happy and he ken's rough plan for day

    It will depend on loads off things but most importantly wot shoot captain/keeper's opinions are on it but if a relatively small diy syd i'd seriously doubt it would make any difference to bag, but like i say everyone will have totally different opinions on it

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    Partridge not go lamping
    pheasants ......not going to make too much difference
    would I let you go the night before one of my shoot days ......most definitely not .
    i tend not to go a few days before shoot day unless I have a problem fox and as for rabbits they dont eat pheasants so can always be left for another night.

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    Thanks for the replies folks. I think night after the shoot will be the way to go. That way we can't be blamed for any lack of birds!



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