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Thread: syndicate place south west scotland ayrshire

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    1 syndicate place available sw scotland

    1 rifle to fill syndicate south west scotland ayrshire roe and occas red 1300 acre of mixed woodland big . Med restocked an clear fell areas some parts to be replanted next year . Level 1a must with 10 million insur and willing to get level 2 within the year pm me for more details as finding level 2 canndi. Hard to find no time wasters please fc ground patna ayrshire
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    Dear Wattygun

    You have a pm.


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    Quote Originally Posted by wattygun View Post
    i have a syndicate place available for sw scotland..... pm for more details
    Have you replied to any PMs wattygun, as i haven't recieved any details.? Gaz

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    syndicate place south west scotland ayrshire

    Looking for 1 member to fill syndicate patna ayrshire on fc land 1300 acr pm for more info. Sorry to all for pm not answ last time familly comms and builders in must have level 2 an insur
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    Why not answer your PM's from your original advert ??

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    Are you taking the P*** this is the third advert for the same single rifle syndicate . What do you mean by your last sentance?? The only time waster here is you the original poster. You still don't even have the decency to reply to your first PM

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