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Thread: Deer attacks

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    Deer attacks

    Last year a local was attacked by a red stag in antler on a local hill. She was bitten badly.

    This weekend 2 people were attacked by a roe buck. It charged a couple, the husband wrestled it to the ground and threw it over a 4ft stone wall. The buck then came back over the wall and gouged the husband quite badly with its antlers.

    I thought this was uncommon but 2 incidents in a year locally makes me wonder.


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    Rabies can be one answer. I do not know how common this disease is nowadays but infected animals can be aggressive. I have shot infected fox myself once in Poland and foxes used to pass the disease to cattle, dogs etc. before foxes started to be vaccined.

    Another case I heard about agressive roe buck was when it was found as a kid and domesticated. It lived with people till become adult and started become aggreessive to people. It rever run away from people...

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    Deer attacks

    Yes I have known of a Roebuck that was never afraid of people, as it had been living with a family since it was a kid, it lived in their large back garden & used to come up to the house for half a pack of hovis bickies twice a day & get fed by hand.

    The family then got it moved over to a large farm when it got a bit big for its boots & it later started to take a hike down to the local school to chase the kids around the school playing field, however when it became too much of a problem death came on swift wings & it could just not run faster than 3000fps.

    I think the people took it in as a fawn that was rescued after being cought up in grass cutting machinery in the spring which as we all know is when many meet a nasty end.

    Regs Lee

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