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Thread: Cull Stag & Butchery Day with Field & Larder Prep

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    Cull Stag & Butchery Day with Field & Larder Prep

    The Trophy Barn Cull Animal and Butchery Course

    This day is aimed at stalkers wishing to extend thereknowledge with hands on education.

    Time on my range on full size red targets 100, 150 & 200yrds
    Taking a cull stag around 8/10 points of a group. ( it willbe a cull stag may have damaged antlers may not)
    Hands on field dressing the animal, with the checking ofglands (DSC2).
    Back to the slaughterhouse to larder prep the beast (DSC2).
    The you will learn the art of skinning and braking thecarcass down.
    Finally into the butchery room to learn how to maximise thecarcass.

    The day is for any one of all levels but I must stress thatyou do need to have had experience with full bore rifles.
    It’s a perfecttraining day with a butchery course at the end of it.
    You may keep the head.
    I am also able to take 2 hunters both taking an animal.

    For all info please PM me.

    I am not offering stalking. I am offering the guarantee ofculling a good red stag in a park environment with the aim of furthering astalkers craft in all aspects of his sport not just the kill.

    A rifle can be provided at no cost but you will have to payfor the ammo

    Cost 300.00

    This includes a meat package to take home.
    Plus the head
    There is no charge for meat damage.

    Cheers Andrew
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