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    Cartridge Bag

    I need to get myself a cartridge bag for my upcoming pheasant shoots this season.

    Can anyone recommend me a cheap sturdy one please?

    I have seen ones by Napier around the 20 mark and Bisley around the 30 mark.

    Opinions on ease of loading from them etc



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    Interesting question. I have cartridge-bags, but have never actually loaded directly from them. Having said that, the Payne-Gallwey pattern, which sports a hinged lid, would be better for ease of access compared to a simple flap-fastening. The Napier 'rapid load' seems to have a similar design.

    Rather, I use the bag as a magazine from which to charge my jacket-pocket, from which I then load.

    On walking days, I use a cartridge-belt in the same way, or I keep spare cartridges in a plastic bag inside my game-bag.
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    The bisley & Napier ones are fine for the s, I've a couple

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    Quote Originally Posted by bambislayer View Post
    The bisley & Napier ones are fine for the s, I've a couple

    What size are they roughly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by david1976 View Post
    What size are they roughly?
    I've just had a look, they are Bisley, 75 cartridge (12b) so probably 100 (20b) canvas, leather trim. They'll be about 10 years old. I don't think they have changed the design.
    i've also got a couple of 100s, leather ones, never get the chance to use them!

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