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Thread: 20 Bore Cartridges 65mm

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    20 Bore Cartridges 65mm


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    40 squid wouldnt buy you 250 let alone 418!

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    Would the person that said he would collect these cartridges please get in touch, I am still waiting

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    20 b0re cartridges

    Are you puitting these back up for sale - if so I may be interested depending on description


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    Eddy, i would be very interested in these too, as i have just bought another 20b.

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    The chap that got in touch Initially said that although he lives in the Gloucester area he often works in my area (on the roads) and would I keep them for him as he would definitely have them.
    He was not sure when he would be down my way next but I promised to keep them for him anyway as he was first to say he'd have them.
    He took my mobile No and said he would contact me when he was in my area but how long is a reasonable time to wait?
    Tony, I have just had a good deal from sako85 so if the original chap does not get in touch by the end of this week I would feel obliged to let him have them, thanks for your interest.
    Sam, watch this space

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    Sorry lads,
    I had a bit of a brain fart, he did not live in Gloucester
    It turned out he lives quite close to me and has tried to contact me at home several times without luck, but has now called round and collected them.
    We had a nice chat, or rather he listened to me rabbiting on for a while, and is now the lucky owner of some 20bore cartridges and I can afford to go out for Sunday lunch today and have afters as well and maybe even a glass of 'house red'
    Cheers Pete.

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