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Thread: Why do we get ripped off?

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    Why do we get ripped off?

    I am in the states at the moment and have just bought genuine Blaser QD saddle mounts and rings for 240, why the hell do we get charged in excess of 400 in the UK? Can any traders shed any light on this?

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    Because it costs a fortune to produce it in Germany, ship it to the United States & then ship it back to the UK. Add in VAT & import duty and it is a wonder any dealer can stay in business!

    Conversely, it could be that anyone paying Blaser money for a rifle with the same build quality as a Tikka, is assumed to be ripe for fleecing!

    Cannot find the 'tongue in cheek' icon.


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    Quite simply it falls down to low sales. In the states there is a higher proportion of the population into hutin' were as over here it is significantly less there for to remain in buisness retailers have no choice but to charge more.

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    I think if you look back a few years, they were shipping Triumph motorcycles from Hinkley to the States, bringing them back and they were cheaper when they got back. We're known as the honey pot because traders/manufacturers can get a higher price here. Recent years have seen a drop in car/bike prices to a more level playingfield through Europe but annomalies still exist.

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    On reading these posts AliS makes sense with his theory about the quantity of items being sold allows for cheaper pricing. Not sure if its as starightforward as that.

    I go on holiday to the States (Florida) every couple of years and I normally go with a list of items to bring back for buddies as almost everything is cheaper over there!

    You almost feel your Credit Card brace itself when you go into the Gunshops you have over there!

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    Big Mac economics

    ignore exchange rates
    price up a Big Mac in whatever country you are in and where you are from for relative value of the local currency compared to local cost of living etc

    guy getting paid $50k over there in one job is getting significantly more here in local currency even after taxes....hence stuff cost more here

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    Just purchased a Hornaday sonic shell cleaner from the states via the internet. Purchase price + shipping + import tax duty + UK delivery charge from customs = 90 cheaper than I could have got it anywhere here.
    Is it any wonder we don't do as much sales business here!

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    Simples ................................ greed plus they know darned well most will cough up with out questioning the pricing.

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    Items imported by official importers will be subject to import duty & VAT, etc. when brought in THEN also have more VAT added when sold again at retail.
    The importer will then have their own overheads - quite substantial ones in some cases with a few dozen staff, several buildings to rent/heat/insure, nice expensive glossy adverts to pay for, staff freebies to keep the troops happy, etc.
    Guess who pays for the above = the not-so-happy UK shooter...not many importers are in the business to break even or make a loss so YOU are paying for some quite nice standards of living for a select few that have a very small market from which to recoup their costs.

    I tend to import as much as I can directly - as long as the imports are of the type allowed under various import/export restrictions

    LOTS of savings can be made very easily & they all quickly add up

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    Quote Originally Posted by saddler View Post
    LOTS of savings can be made very easily & they all quickly add up
    I think that is a good point - importing not only gives you lots more choice which would be worth paying for on its own but it also allows for a saving. Sometimes the saving isn't huge when you pay the postage and fees but over time these savings add up.

    Through scientific experimentation I have established that the high cost of shooting stuff here in the UK is caused by teeth sucking. I'm 100% certain on this. If you go into a gunshop and ask for something immediately you hear the teeth sucking start you just know it is going to cost 5 times what it costs in the USA, plus your chance of getting it delivered in less than a year is slim.

    When you order direct from the USA there is no teeth sucking and, as if by magic, the price is significantly lower.

    So, the teeth of the gunshop owner are why we pay so much more in the UK.
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