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Thread: Honeymoon Stalk...

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    Honeymoon Stalk...

    Hi folks

    Some of you may have read my previous post on looking for a venue for a mornings stalking on my honeymoon.

    Well last Wednesday whilst up in Grantown on Spey i managed to get out for a morning with John Alan from the "Stalking School". On the way to the ground there seemed to be Roe in every field, however sods law during the stalk the bucks where very elusive!

    It was great to get out with a rifle on my back on different ground to my patch in South Lanarkshire, picked up a tick in my thigh which i noticed whilst showering in the evening - reckon it was male as not engourged so hopefully no problems...

    It was my first visit to Speyside and previously could not have imagined how beautiful the scenery and area is, we will certainly visit again!

    Thanks for the stalk John, thanks must also go to the Muchrach Lodge - food at it's finest...

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    Pleased you had a nice mornings stalk in Speyside CL. You are a very lucky man to be able to get out on your honeymoon or are you just taking things very slowly?

    All the best


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    yeah you are lucky to go stalking on your honey moon i fly out to the dominican on wednesday to get married and have a honeymoon i only mentioned about seeing if they do any shooting out there and it went down like a lead's was like an insite to the rest of my life

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    CL stalk and eat
    on your honeymoon
    i had time for none of it on mine(to drunk)
    dont do it

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    Make the most of it because in my experience it wears off pretty quickly. Be a good boy and accumulate as many brownie points as you can, they are needed when " you are always going stalking/shooting/fishing/to the pub/seeing your mates/enjoying yourself etc". You will not win the war but enjoy the minor battles that you do!

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    I'm off to Ballathie House on Speyside for my Honeymoon in the first week of June, I've mentioned the stalking, didn't go down too well seeing as my mates had tricked me into a suprise stag do on saturday night and got me completly wasted!

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    I'm getting married next year and was told to organize the Honeymoon. I mentioned going up to Scotland for some stalking, fishing and shooting (as the other half to be also shoots and fishes). After an initial "yes, that sounds like a good idea", the response later turned to "Shouldn't we go somewhere warmer"..... I then joking mentioned that you can go big game hunting in Africa, where I've heard it gets slightly warmer. Now the other half's heart is set on Africa and will not change her mind. I think this may be costly.....

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    Hats of to you Quercus! sounds like you have the ideal woman, mines very tollerant (up to now.....) however she doesn't partake in country sports, she's quite happy for me to supply the meat.

    If i could get her to Africa as a hunt spectator that would be fab, although expensive as you say, I've been twice & buy the time you've added up trophy imports etc theres no change from 3k.....

    Be interesting to hear how you get on if she gets her wish....


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    nice one Cheshire lad
    a keeper friend of mine had a great touch,
    on his stag duo the best man arranged a clay shooting shindig for all and sundry
    and after he had got married , his new wife gave him a wedding present
    turns out she had bought him a days roe buck stalking as a wedding present which she had arranged for him to take on the honeymoon where they were down devon way
    lucky fella

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    Your pal must have been one happy chap Stone!

    As part of my stag do i get a group of pals to go clay shooting at the impressive Worsley (Manchester) clay club, some had never shot before & really enjoyed it.

    I haven't got my wedding present yet although supposed to be getting a pair of Mehndl Dovre Extreme's - hopefully.....


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