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Thread: Any G&D wildfowlers on here?

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    Any G&D wildfowlers on here?

    Hi, just wondered if there are any Grange & District wildfowlers on here?
    I've been a member now for 3 years and the guy who got me to join has now packed it in. I've not done much and wondered if there was someone who could at least show me around. I've got all the maps etc but don't want to get caught out with incoming tides
    Thanks in advance

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    I had no one to show me anything when I started, tides, gulleys, weather and it's effects on the tides.
    I just went down on my own, erred on the side of caution, and found out where I could shoot and on what tides, then tried to work out which tides, and moon phases got the birds flying, and kept a few notes.
    Probably took me 2 yrs to work out the tides, and possible effects of the weather on the tide, can still get it wrong now after 20 yrs, but I can recognise the warning signs and get off, rapidly
    As for the birds, still learning, and still get it wrong more time's than right, lol
    Get down there yourself, with a note book, and dog and gun of course, and start learning YOUR marsh
    Start by shooting only on the ebb tide and low tide, then get off the marsh, and watch the tide come in, watching if the tide fills any gulleys behind where you were shooting, and before it covers where you were.
    Trial and error but, you know then that you will be safe

    And good luck mate, and most of all enjoy yourself, and stay safe


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    hi wingy im a ex member i can give you some advice but carnt really show you around but i can certainly help you out with some good areas give me a pm

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    Realise this is a crazy 4 year bump but I am looking for contacts for the G&D Wildfowling club. Im based in Lytham but my local club is deader than dead dead mens shoes. Same with MBWA. Any help would be great.


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