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Thread: Cornish muntjac

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    Cornish muntjac

    We just flushed one moving birds about right up top of Cornwall/Devon border.
    Two guns identified it.
    First i've heard of down/up here.

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    There have been rumoured sightings around North Cornwall for years, never seen one myself in over 30years shooting/stalking/hunting.

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    i have a good friend who lives at the lizard he has heard of one run over on the helston lizard road near trellowarren woods hope this be true as would be nice for them to establish
    down here in fact would be nice for any deer to get established down west without some greedy barstewards wantin to kill every thing they see

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    Have heard of odd sightings around your saying around Hartland/Woolsery way??....HOPE SO!!!!

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    A mate saw one dead on the A39 a few months back. Not seen one myself (am in the borders!)

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