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Thread: Browning A Bolt 7mm08

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    Browning A Bolt 7mm08

    Bit of a coincidence after the last 2 topics but I picked this up today. I've not fired it yet but It's a very light and handy rifle and the 6x42 S&B tops it off nicely.

    The ammo wasn't that dear Remmy Core Lokt 160grn for 23.20 which I'm told is the old price. If they shoot okay I'll buy the other box he had in

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    Looks a nice rifle . Like you say , it is a nice light combination . In my opinion this will always be intresting for hill work . The less you have to carry the better I think.

    The brownings that I zeroed always were very accurate . I wouldn't see a reason that yours wouldn't be .
    The glossy stock , even if you don't like it , is a good protection against rain.

    Good luck with it .

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    After about a month of messing around and trying 4 different types of ammo Remmy CoreLokt, Prvi Partisans, Federal Fusion and Federal VitalShok my rifle has decided it wants to shoot the most expensive And it doesn't want to do that very well.....

    Pic from my phone so not very good

    A mate has offered to help me out with reloading if I buy the dies etc so that should help but first thing is to sort out the heavy trigger with the ridiculously priced Timney spring kit from Midway(24.19p).

    I've turned the screw on the trigger as low as I dare(dont want to loose it) and I find my whole body tensing up as I try to pull the trigger and keep on target for an accurate group. As you can imagine this doesn't help when your trying to be as accurate as possible but changing it may make a big difference in my groups.

    The first few times I fired it I thought it had a lot of recoil(compared to my .223) but now I find when resting on bags I can hold it as gently as a baby. Love it and wouldn't hesitate to use it at 100yds at the minute but want to be confident that it'll shoot accurately if I have to stretch the range a bit 200/300yds

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    a bolt


    I have 2 a bolts and my only criticism would be the trigger pressure. I know just what you mean about pulling so hard you struggle to keep the aim. Both of mine loosened up ok though

    Good Luck

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    Well my Timney spring "kit" arrived through the letterbox today. I've just finished fitting the lightest spring, took all of about 10mins and sadly all I can say is it WAS worth the 33 or whatever. Not to mention the carbon footprint from having to charter a flight to deliver it from the states which is where I think the 8 delivery charge comes from!

    Trigger now as light as a feather and one less thing to blame for my dodgy shooting.....

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    I like the styling of the A Bolt - but found the model I fired in .243 seemed quite unpleasant off the bench.

    Whether weight or stock architecture, it seemed to slap more than any .243 really ought to!

    Good luck with the tuning - hopefully, a change of powder speed (H4895) will give a more gradual 'shove' and thus less inclination to flinch.

    rgds Ian

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    Get the barrel freefloating more!!!.........i've done it to 3 A-bolts and they all showed a considerable improvement in accuracy!

    Good rifles.....and a good choice of calibre!

    pm me if you want a tip on bedding it.



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    Oops....forgot to say, With it being a second hand gun......give the barrel the best clean you can.....and get as much copper out as possible!
    Chances are it hasn't seen a jag in its life.......or copper solvent!


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