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Thread: an evening with olivhar

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    an evening with olivhar

    met cal a few monthes ago since then we have got on well and tonight he asked if i wanted to go to his permission to see if there were any duck around on the flood water.well we got there and water water everywhere and not a drop to drink,cal pointed for me to take my wild springer and head for a gate well n the me and sam headed isnt the sort of bloke to put you in a spot then shoot everything around you he is generous to a fault he sent me to the gate way and well when we get the pictures up youll see but needless to say he put me right on the money once again i know owe him for 2 of the best deer i shot plus 3 mallard 2 canadian geese what an amazing flight thanks cal

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    It's a pleasure mate, we rarely seem to have a blank do we? Well I know that age is getting to you and you find the computer business a bit technical so I will put up some photos for you!!

    Last nights flight

    The boy

    Our other evening flight on a small splash

    The couple of roe bucks you got on my bit

    Good shooting and looking forward to many more

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    yes mate me too the old boy showing the pup how its done hey
    thanks again chap awesum night

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