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Thread: Nice Sika Stag...

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    Nice Sika Stag...

    I was out on the Sika on Friday and had one of the most memorable stalks ever! My mate Steven was also out with me and we agreed to go out on the hill to see if any stags had taken up territory. As we droped out the mist into into the head of the valley, bingo! we spied a stag walking up the face of the hill on the oposite side of the valley, he was heading for a rocky out crop and as he aproached the rocks another stag stood up and they headed for each other, there were also another six hinds and calfs lying in amongst the rocks, it was game on! Steven and i started to belly crawl down into the valley to get to a vantage point to have a crack at them both, our saving grace regarding the potential of them spotting us was the fact the two stags started fighting each other, pushing each other up and down the face "awsome also to observe" we both got into a position on a flat out crop looking straight across to them, i ranged them 363yrds, bit of a howk! but bugger it, i was confident, i dialled my scope in and selected a beast, steven likewise, it was agreed that i would take the first shot! crack! and the stag lurched forward, a good hit, due to how steep the face was he started rolling down the hill arse over tit and stopped next the burn at the bottom, i was extatic! the other stag and hinds broke and headed off down the valley, but due to the wind they didn't really have a clue what was going on, It was still game on for Steven, i lay still and he headed off down to have a crack at the other stag, 30mins later i heared the moderated report and thump! Superb he had nailed the other one.

    It took us the rest of the day to get them out the valley "New Zealand style" but i must say again, what an afternoon on the Sika in my book the most chalenging deer to stalk under normal circumstances, but out on the open hill even harder..

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    cracking read alan, was with ya all the way mate looks like hard work getting them out but worth all the sweat . remmy.

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    Well done Von...........

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    Well done Alan. There is no way I would have that stink running down my back though!!!

    Is Stevie fit enough to walk one out like that? No way Tam would have managed!

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    Cracking effort lads!
    I'm telling Captain - from the Wee'est of men.

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    A beautiful stag, what a mane he has got, i agree about the most challenging, it's a huge sense of achievement when you do get one, sounded a good stalk.


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    Fantastic, sounds awesome, great result. Well done!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by jamross65 View Post
    Well done Alan. There is no way I would have that stink running down my back though!!!

    Is Stevie fit enough to walk one out like that? No way Tam would have managed!
    lol brian a would have walked out with both o them stags on my back.sika are easy to stalk any ways lol. well done alan& steve

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    Tam if it was spikers you would have manged fine... But 8 pointers you still have to experiance that one

    Brian Stevie well up for it!! i beasted him though on friday, he's to used to shooting roe, easy peasy

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    Just seem yhis nice looking lad well done. Just how far would have carry him like that.

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