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Thread: Swarovski Z6i 1-6x24 Rifle Scope

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    Swarovski Z6i 1-6x24 Rifle Scope

    Hi Guys;

    Having just returned from a some what "Difficult" 5 days stalking Boar in Poland, i've decided before my next foray, a new scope may be in order. The Hunting really was stalking, they have had a huge crop of acorns, just couldnt persuade the Boar to any "Corned" feeding area. We stalked them under often poor broken moonlight in the pastures, shooting of sticks in very poor light. Certainly very testing. To be honest our kit wasnt really upto the job, 70 + yard shots on what looked like large bin lines blowing slowly accross the pasture. I'm hitching to go again, but this time more prepared, my own rifle(Not eastate loan), matched with a very good quality scope such as the Swaro. Any advise/experiance before i part with hard earned cash greatly appreciated.



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    If you are looking to shoot in low light under those circumstances then don't buy anything until you've had a look at a Nickel scope. I suspect the sort of shooting you describe is their bread and butter.
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    If you are planning to stalk and shoot boar at night, a 24mm scope is just about the worst choice. Get a 2-12x50 and set it at 7 or 8x.

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    If its moon lit stalking then the bigger your objective lens is the better, perhaps an 8x56 or similar and I should think an illuminated reticule wouldn't go amiss! I've got a 3-12x50 S&B zenith Flashdot, that kinda thing would be perfect!
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    Thanks for the advice guys, i maybe should have been a little clearer, looking for a duel purpose scope, one that maybe suitable for driven, but also low light. Never been driven, but planning on taking a trip soon. I have been to poland & hungary 3 or 4 times shot boar on foot & from a highseat. This year was more difficult, longer shots very poor light at times. I have a Smit & Bend 2.5x10x56 variable, not illumi though. Had the scope same length of time as the rifle, brought both from new about 11yrs ago. Keep seeing and reading alot about these illumi scopes and how they can maybe had 30 mins to the UK stalking,not that i neccsarily belive that, but just maybe give the edge a little right at the death of light. Looking for a scope good for boar at night, likewise can be "Cranked" right down and make a decent driven scope. Being honest, couldnt justify in terms of the shooting i do, a out and out Driven or out & out stalking scope.

    Thanks once again.

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    +1 for 2-12 Z6illuminated ret'. Stunning scope in the day or night. I got one on my 7x64 and it's made my other centrefires virtually redundant.

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