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Thread: Proper order

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    Proper order

    check this guy and his related vids out

    luv this fella , really puts a smile on my face

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    glad i did not sit on the same dsc 1 course he was on lads


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    after watching that i feel like a master stalker/butcher im off to sharperen my axe

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    I think this guy left the last bit off his name. Should read "expertvillageidiot" Please save us from experts like this one

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    just tell whats going on .
    check list two knifes one with gut hook axe ,hammer ,white soxs

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    Told you he made me smile
    just check out his uuhhhhmmm other vids

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    Think I might put one on you tube using my husqy chainsaw!!

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    I'd heard there was a new 'best practice' video being produced but I didn't know it had been released yet....

    Very funny


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    Great! I'd always wondered where I was going wrong! I thought he was going to give himself a vasectomy when he cut through the sternum, or is that in part 4!!

    Thats cheered me up a treat.

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    if you dont like me and my video i wont do any more

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