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Thread: How Good is Pulsar nightvision?

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    How Good is Pulsar nightvision?

    Hi Guys,I need to get myself a piece of Nightvision to go onto my .222 for foxing,I need some advice on how good the Pulsar N550 or the N750 is or any other similar make.
    Atb John.

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    There are a few threads on this and people's views will vary according to their needs/expectations. My first question is do you want a dedicated night vision scope? My second is what budget do you have?
    My view is that the Pulsar is OK, but if you're setting up a dedicated foxing rifle, there are better things out there.
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    Very limited. Don't like it at all.

    The Archer is very good, but a fair bit more expensive. Around two grand.

    Can't see how to justify it unless you are a self employed keeper and write it off against your tax bill.
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    I've got a 550 on my .22 for rabbit shooting. Its fine for that, but at a price and I don't like tying up the rifle as dedicated night shooter. I wouldn't want to use it on my .222. I'd agree with Claret_Dabbler, go with a quality add-on or better still a dedicated day/night scope like a Longbow. Depends how deep your pockets are.
    The Pulsars are festooned with pointless electronic nonsense that you don't need for shooting, like video record connections. I like the idea of digital NV that cannot burn out and can be used at dawn and dusk and I think the technology has huge potential, but the Pulsars feel very much like first attempts and somewhat gimmicky. If I was buying now I'd go for an objective add-on.

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    how good is maxi kite night vision

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